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Sexual Abuse Cases in Indianapolis

School Sexual Abuse Cases: Why Careful Monitoring of Our Children’s Phones and Electronic Devices Is Important.

We see it all the time in newspapers: a teacher has carried out an inappropriate relationship with an underage student.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse by teachers happen all too often in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas:

Far too often, parents find out about the inappropriate relationship too late.  And, far too often, parents discover evidence of the inappropriate relationship in the victim’s phone or electronic device.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s easy to be distanced and unaware by the ever-growing fear of our children being sexually abused. Here are a few tips we have for protecting our children from sexual abuse and assault:

  • Periodically review of your child’s electronic device to ensure that no sexual predator is having contact with your child.
  • Choose caregivers and babysitters carefully by using qualified and screened individuals
  • Create a safe environment where you child knows they can talk to you about it and they won’t get into trouble
  • Get to know the people in your child’s life so they know they can talk to you openly about them

Sexual abuse cases can arise…

  • when there is inadequate supervision of teachers by administrators,
  • improper investigation of a teacher’s background prior to hiring,
  • failure on the part of school officials to intervene in suspicious circumstances as a result of improper contact between students.

Schools have duties to act as parents of students while students are on school grounds.  Failing to supervise students adequate can cause or contribute to a student being sexually abused by another.

If, heaven forbid, you discover an inappropriate relationship, call Rob King & Associates RIGHT NOW at (317) 916-0000.

Rob King & Associates have experience in handling sexual abuse of children by teachers either within school, or outside of school.

We have successfully represented victims in claims against schools for student on student rape; teacher sexual misconduct; and improper supervision leading to inappropriate sexual contact.  Call us today if you have questions about a sexual misconduct incident at your school.


Congress attempting to limit your rights to obtain damages for pain and suffering in medical malpractice cases!

Why Does It Matters to You?

Right now, there is a bill being considered in Congress which would cap non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases.  Non-economic damages are compensatory monies that the law allocates for pain and suffering, loss of love and affection, and other things that cannot be easily quantified.

Why should you care?  Because if, unfortunately, you are that victim of medical malpractice in Indianapolis, Indiana, or anywhere in the US, and you face a future of life-long pain, the most that you may be compensated for your life filled with pain is $250,000!!  Talk about unfair!

In addition to this bill being unfair, it is also anti-democratic.

Why does the passage of an anti-democratic bill matter to you:

  • Because anti-democratic efforts make us less free, erode our rights, and take power out of the hands of citizens and residents of our great city of Indianapolis and the entire US.
  • The ability to have a jury of one’s peers evaluate a case in a trial, and determine the proper measure of justice, is enshrined in our federal and state constitutions.

And yet, it seems year after year efforts are undertaken to chip away at our democratic institutions.

What can we do about it?

Contact us (and your Congressman) before it’s too late!

You can count on Rob King & Associates to protect your constitutionally given rights, like the right to have a jury determine the full nature and extent of your damages.