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Has your case been rejected by another lawyer? Still wonder if you have one?

I am often fond of telling a story regarding a former client whose case had been rejected by two other lawyers.

Each lawyer had looked at the case and told the client that there was nothing that could be done.

The client, on a lark, stopped by my office. I looked over his paperwork. It was a car accident case of disputed liability and both prior lawyers had thought that the dispute over liability would prevent any recovery for my client’s bodily injuries.

He had been hurt bad. He had been hospitalized over 30 days after having been struck by a semi truck while crossing the street. He had many broken bones. The accident report said it was his fault; that the client had walked right into the path of the semi truck.

I studied the accident report a little bit further. I determined that some issues existed which my tended to show that the truck driver actually was responsible for injuring the client.

So, I agreed to take the case for the client. I put together a packet detailing my findings and assembled a brochure detailing my clients injuries and sent it into the insurance company. And you know what? The insurance company agreed with my assessment and ended up paying its full policy limits!

What’s The Lesson Here?

If a lawyer has turned down your case down, don’t give up: call my office today at (317) 916-0000! You may still have a case and there may be still be time left!

Have you ever been wrongfully detained in department store?

Wrongfully DetaiNed in Grocery Store?

Department stores and grocery stores of all sizes these days typically have what are called loss prevention officers who secretly watch customers waiting for the moment when the customers steal from the store!
This is all well and good until these loss prevention officers and pseudo-cops get it wrong and single you out as having stolen something, take you to a back room and detain you to question you for hours even though you’ve done nothing wrong.

Has this ever happened to you?

It’s happened to some of my clients.

We have successfully brought actions against department stores in the state of Indiana for criminal confinement of innocent victims. Under Indiana law, someone wrongfully detained in a department store maybe eligible to receive three times their damages plus recover reasonable attorney fees.

If you have been wrongfully detained in a department store in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Speedway, Fishers, Noblesville or anywhere in Indiana, grocery store, or any type of retail store, call my office today at (317) 916-0000 to discuss your case and recovery of three times your damages.