When an accident happens as a result of impaired driving, families may wonder if the crash would have happened at all had the driver maintained full control of his or her faculties. Though there is no way to be certain in every collision, a drunk driving accident is likely preventable. The police are still investigating an alleged drunk driving accident here in Indiana that took the life of one man and has forever changed several lives.

The accident is said to have happened on a recent evening when authorities say a man on a moped was attempting to enter a local roadway from the driveway of a local bar in Trail Creek. He was apparently struck by an oncoming truck and died at the scene before first responders could tend to him. The truck driver was uninjured in the crash.

Police say they sent the man in the truck to a local hospital to be tested for the presence of any intoxicants in his bloodstream. The results of the blood test reportedly showed that he was impaired when the accident happened. The truck driver has been charged with operating while intoxicated causing death.

The criminal charges that the truck driver is facing may not be the only result of the crash. He could also have a wrongful death claim made against him by the surviving family of the moped driver for his death here in Indiana. A claim of that type could mean the truck driver — and possibly his employer — may have to pay monetary damages to the victim’s family. A drunk driving accident — as this one is alleged to be — is tragic in any situation, and it is important for victims’ families to know they have options after the unimaginable happens.

Source: nwitimes.com, “LaPorte man charged in fatal DUI crash in Michigan City“, , Aug. 1, 2014