There are various rules that drivers hear about regarding how much space should be left between their vehicle and vehicles in front of them. Some of those rules state that a certain number of car lengths should be left in between, and others say that several seconds should go by before a vehicle passes the same landmark as the vehicle in front of it. Either way, following distance is an important aspect of safe driving, and without it, car accidentscould take place.

An accident in Indiana recently took place after an SUV collided with the rear of another vehicle. It was reported that the first vehicle had slowed down in order to turn into a driveway when the car was hit by the SUV. The impact caused the car to be pushed into opposite lanes of traffic, and the car was hit by a tractor-trailer.

The woman in the first vehicle was unfortunately killed in the event. The driver of the SUV was transported to an area hospital due to chest pain, and the tractor-trailer driver did not suffer any injuries. At this time, no charges or citations have been filed relating to the accident.

Car accidents in which individuals die are always tragedies. Due to the outcome of the Indiana accident, a wrongful death case could potentially suit the circumstances. If the driver of the SUV is considered at fault for the accident, the decedent’s family may wish to file a civil claim against the responsible parties in order to seek monetary reparations.

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Source:, Middlebury woman killed in U.S. 20 crash“, Sam Householder, Dec. 16, 2014