Some individuals may consider car accidents to be rather cut-and-dried in how the situation took place and the events that followed. However, there are some instances in which car accidents can take strange turns. If the situation results in a fatality, the family of the victim may want to find out more about wrongful death claims and what any criminal charges leveled in relation to the accident could mean.

A single-car accident in Indiana had seemingly unusual circumstances. It was reported that the driver of an SUV failed to stop at a stop sign, hit a fence, a tree and a pole before coming to a stop. The SUV had two occupants, the driver and a female passenger. The passenger was reportedly the driver’s girlfriend.

The crash caused the passenger to suffer fatal injuries. After the incident, the driver apparently dragged the woman’s body from the wreckage and into his house, where he reportedly called emergency services. Reports stated that police found the man drinking a beer while the woman’s body was lying on the floor. As a result of the unusual situation, the driver was taken into custody and is facing felony charges.

The family of the Indiana victim was surely shocked to learn of the events of the incident. Fatal car accidents can often leave families looking for answers, and the woman’s family may be wondering why the driver acted in the manner that he did. As the investigation continues and the family waits for possible answers, they retain the right to consider filing a wrongful death claim. If they wish to file such a claim and the man is convicted of the charges he faces, those convictions could potentially be used as evidence in their civil case.

Source:, “Passenger killed in Tipton County car crash; Driver arrested“, Steve Jefferson, Oct. 31, 2014