When approaching an intersection, it is important for drivers to pay attention to what any posted traffic signs or signals are indicating. If a driver does not see a posted sign, he or she could risk traveling into the path of another driver who has the right of way. Drivers should also take note of the other drivers approaching the intersection to determine whether there are any indicators that another driver may fail to heed traffic signs or signals. If signals or signs are missed, car accidents could easily occur.

A serious accident recently took place in Indiana under similar circumstances. It was reported that a car and a minivan were involved in a collision at an intersection. The car had been traveling westbound and the minivan was traveling northbound when the crash occurred. It appeared as if one of the drivers failed to stop at a stop sign, though it was initially unclear which driver it actually was.

Two individuals in the car were seriously injured in the accident, and one of those individuals was considered to be in critical condition. An occupant of the minivan also suffered serious injuries. All three of the parties were transported to area hospitals to be treated.  Though it is unclear at this time who may have been at fault, authorities are continuing their investigation in order to determine responsibility.

As the investigation moves forward, the injured parties may wonder how they should handle the situation. While focusing on recovery should be a priority, finding out information on possible courses of legal action may also be prudent. Injuries from car accidents can have lasting effects, and, if one driver is suspected to have been negligent, the other injured parties may consider filing personal injury claims with an Indiana civil court in order to seek compensation for losses.

Source: thejournalgazette.net, “Three injured in crash east of New Haven“, Chris Meyers, Dec. 4, 2014