Head-on collisions are fairly common accidents that can have devastating results. Car accidents of this type can happen due to a variety of reasons, and a driver crossing into an opposing lane of travel is one of the most common reasons. It is not always clear why a driver may have failed to remain in the proper lane, but the results of such a collision may be all too clear.

A recent accident in Indiana had harrowing results as one individual was killed. Reports stated that a 31-year-old man was traveling south when his pickup truck crossed into the northbound lanes. As a result, that truck collided with another pickup truck that was traveling north. It was not clear at the time of the report why the southbound truck crossed into the northbound lane.

The incident led to the driver of the northbound truck suffering fatal injuries. He was reported as being 46 years old. The driver of the southbound pickup was transported from the scene by helicopter. Authorities are still continuing to investigate the accident in order to determine what factors may have contributed to the fatal event.

It is always unfortunate when car accidents result in fatalities. Because this Indiana collision had such an outcome, the family of the deceased victim may wish to explore their opportunities for filing a wrongful death claim. This type of claim may allow them to pursue compensation from the driver considered at fault for monetary and emotional losses that may have resulted from the crash.

Source: fox59.com, “Spencer man killed in car accident following head-on collision“, Kylee Wierks, Sept. 16, 2015