Many drivers who have been operating vehicles for years may no longer feel that driving requires much thought. Actions that they must perform while driving may seem as if they are second nature and take place out of habit. However, even experienced drivers should remain aware of how easily a vehicle can become out of control and how easily car accidents can occur.

A single-car accident in Indiana recently took place due to a driver losing control. It was reported that a vehicle with two occupants was traveling down a street when the vehicle was unable to remain on the roadway. As a result, the vehicle hit a guardrail, which caused the vehicle to spin onto an interstate entrance ramp and hit another guardrail. The car continued traveling for an undisclosed distance.

Both the driver and the passenger in the vehicle were thrown from the car. They both suffered fatal injuries as a result of the crash and were declared dead on site. The identities of the victims had not been released at the time of the report. Authorities will likely continue to investigate the fatal event to determine what may have led to the accident.

Fatal car accidents should be assessed thoroughly so that reports of the incidents can be as accurate as possible. The families of the Indiana victims will likely be interested in the official conclusions of the police report. Because there were two victims in the car, the family members of the passenger may want to explore information related to wrongful death claims to determine whether they may be able to seek compensation from the estate of the driver for resulting damages.

Source:, “Driver, passenger die in crash on I-465 on-ramp“, Jan. 17, 2015