When a motor vehicle collision occurs, it can be devastating to the victims and their families alike, no matter the circumstances. Those involved may wonder why the crash happened and search for answers in an effort to mitigate their pain or emotions in connection with the incident. Unfortunately, the causes of car accidents are not always immediately obvious. A recent accident here in Indiana demonstrates this situation, as police look for the reason why the injury crash occurred.

The accident reportedly happened on a recent morning as a woman drove her minivan on a state road. Authorities say that she veered into the oncoming lane and collided head-on with another car. She was injured in the crash, as was the driver she is accused of hitting. A passenger in the second car was severely injured in the crash, and firefighters had to work to remove him from the vehicle. He was rushed to a local hospital for treatment and is now in critical condition.

Police have not offered any explanation for why the woman in the minivan might have moved into the other lane. There is no word on whether she or anyone else involved might have consumed anything that could impair a motorist’s driving ability. Officials have not announced any plans to press charges against any party at this time and have stated that their investigation remains open.

When the causes for car accidents like this one in Indiana are not immediately known, it can be very frustrating for victims and their families. Even if no criminal charges are filed once the police have concluded their research, the victims may decide to pursue a civil suit against the driver who is found to be at fault. This could result in financial remuneration that the victims could use to cover any medical expenses or other costs that may have resulted from the accident.

Source: wane.com, “One critical, two injured after head-on crash“, , July 16, 2014