Recently, I posted a blog about cases that have been turned down by other lawyers. I encouraged those of you out there who had your personal injury cases declined by other lawyers to give me a call. You may still have a case.

I want to tell another quick true story where someone thought they did not have a case but I actually ended up having quite a good one.

The case involved a young girl, a pedestrian, who had been struck crossing the street by Pizza Hut delivery driver. The accident report did not reveal that the driver was a Pizza Hut delivery driver. And, unfortunately, the police report again put fault on the young girl for crossing the street when the Pizza Hut delivery driver had a green light.

I noticed, however, from the accident report that the police had done a toxicology test. Oftentimes, toxicology results in the state of Indiana go to the Indiana State police and take months to complete. Therefore, the lawyers that had reviewed the police report had not had the benefit of the toxicology results and, consequently, I had declined the case.

My office immediately filed a freedom of information act request with the Indiana State police and obtained the toxicology results. And, lo and behold, the driver had Marijuana in his system at the time of his collision with the girl and had actually been prosecuted unbeknownst to my client or any of the lawyers who had looked at her case!

I ended up taking her case and made a sizable six-figure recovery for her: All after several lawyers had declined her case because the police report said that she was at fault!

Thus, another lesson: leave no stone unturned! If your case is been declined by another lawyer, call my office today! There may be a toxicology report lurking out there that can make the difference!