When a drunk driver gets behind the wheel, that individual puts him or herself and other innocent individuals at risk of being involved in a serious accident. It was recently reported that a drunk driving accident in Indiana caused serious injuries. Reports stated that the driver of a pickup truck did not stop at a stop sign, and as a result, that truck was involved in a collision with a motorcycle.

The motorcycle crashed into the passenger side of the pickup truck, causing the two individuals on the motorcycle to be ejected. It was noted that the male driver of the motorcycle landed in the back of the pickup truck. It was unclear where the female passenger landed. The driver of the pickup truck apparently continued driving after the collision.

Both individuals who were on the motorcycle suffered injuries and were transported to area hospitals. A blood test was administered to the driver of the pickup truck, and the results of that test indicated that the driver’s blood-alcohol level was nearly five times the legal limit. That individual was also taken to the hospital, but it was unclear what injuries he may have suffered. He was charged with OWI and other allegations.

It is unfortunate that this drunk driving accident resulted in injuries to innocent individuals. As a result of this incident, the injured victims may wish to consider their legal options. Filing personal injury claims may allow them to seek compensation from the driver considered responsible for medical bills and other damages permissible under Indiana law.

Source: browncountyindiana.com, “Couple remains in hospital after accident”, Oct. 2, 2015