Losing a loved one due to a drunk driving incident can be devastating for those surviving family members. Though news of such accidents taking place all over the country is not uncommon, some parties may not believe that they could be directly affected. Unfortunately, no one is immune to potentially being involved in a drunk driving accident, and lives can be lost with less than a moment’s notice.

A deadly accident recently took place in Indiana that claimed the life of one individual and injured another. The incident took place when the driver of a pickup truck carrying an ATV failed to maintain his lane and collided with a vehicle traveling the opposite direction. The truck continued traveling out of control, and the ATV flew out of the bed of the truck and crashed into the windshield of a third vehicle.

The woman in the vehicle that was hit by the pickup unfortunately suffered fatal injuries. The driver of the vehicle that was hit by the ATV suffered broken vertebrae in her back. It was not noted whether the driver of the pickup truck was injured, but authorities did determine that the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. He was taken into custody on multiple felony charges, and his representation is currently working to have his bond reduced.

As this Indiana crash clearly presents, a drunk driving accident can cause catastrophic outcomes. The situation could also lead to the injured driver and the family of the deceased victim seeking compensation. The injured party may wish to file a personal injury claim due to her severe injuries, and the family of the decedent may want to consider a wrongful death claim. If the driver of the pickup truck is convicted of his charges, that information may be helpful if the negatively affected parties wish to follow through with civil claims.

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