Department stores, gas stations, grocery stores and other retailers oftentimes have extensive procedures in place to ensure that the floors and ground that their customers walk on is free from hazards or obstructions that could cause you to fall.

But sometimes, those procedures which were created to make ground and floor safe for customers break down. Water is left on the floor, concrete that needs repair goes on unrepaired, boxes and/or other obstructions are left in aisles. This negligence and carelessness can lead to injuries, sometimes severe in nature.

As an example, in one case that we worked on, our client fell because of large puddle of water that had been left in department store. Through serving subpoenas, we learned that the department store had actually employed its floor cleaning service during daytime, store operating hours when usually the cleaning service only clean the floor at night when the store was closed. Further investigation revealed the machine that the floor cleaning service used to clean the store was broken and that it left puddles of water on the floor. So, not only was the store not cleaning its floors at appropriate times, the company that the store used to clean it’s floors was using defective machinery?

Of course, none of this information would have been discovered if our client had not come to us. Why? Because the store in the case above insisted that our client, when she presented the claim on her own, that she should have seen the puddle of water in the aisle and that the store was not responsible.

If you have been injured in a slip or trip and fall, and you are being given the runaround by the responsible premises owner, please give our office a call at (317) 916-0000. We have extensive experience in holding premises owners responsible for their negligence in failing to maintain walking surfaces free of hazards and other obstructions.

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