Most individuals know that the areas around a roadway can be dangerous for pedestrians or other individuals not in a vehicle. However, there are some instances in which a driver may need to pull to the side of the road in order to check on the vehicle or take care of some other issue. Unfortunately, passing vehicles can pose a considerable risk, and car accidents could occur.

A recent accident in Indiana left one individual with fatal injuries. It was reported that a man was driving an SUV and hauling a trailer. At some point, he stopped on the side of the road and exited his SUV in order to check on the trailer. While he was outside the vehicle, another vehicle collided with the trailer. The collision caused the driver to become stuck between the median and the vehicles.

The driver of the SUV suffered fatal injuries as a result of the accident. The driver of the other vehicle was transported from the scene in critical condition. It was not clear whether any charges would be filed in relation to the accident, but the situation should continue to be investigated in order to determine what may have caused in the crash.

Fatal car accidents can be difficult to understand, and it is important that all factors that could have played a role are considered. The family of the deceased victim are surely saddened by their unexpected loss, and they may wonder how they will move on from the tragic event. If they wish, gathering information on filing a wrongful death claim in Indiana may help them determine whether pursuing a civil claim would be a step they wish to take.

Source:, “Indiana State Police investigating fatal crash on I-465“, Bill Remeika, April 17, 2015