Pedestrian accidents are frightening events that can often leave individuals seriously injured. The situation can become even more difficult to grasp if the driver of the vehicle involved does not remain on the scene. Because pedestrians do not have protection against vehicles, an individual could suffer a brain injury or other serious outcome after being struck.

It was recently reported that a pedestrian was seriously injured in an Indiana hit-and-run accident. The victim was reported as being a 23-year-old woman who was out jogging with her dad when a vehicle struck her. The incident caused her to be thrown 40 feet and end up in a ditch. The driver of the vehicle continued traveling. It was also noted that the vehicle was speeding at the time.

The woman suffered a brain injury and multiple broken bones as a result of the incident. At the time of the report, she was still considered to be in critical condition. The vehicle suspected to have been involved in the accident was later located by authorities, but it does not appear that the driver was also located. Authorities will likely continue to investigate the incident in order to apprehend the driver.

Once the driver is located, it is likely that individual will face serious charges. Additionally, the victim and/or her family may wish to file a personal injury claim against that party due to the brain injury and broken bones that she suffered as a result of the hit-and-run. A successful claim could lead to the entry of a monetary judgment as restitution for medical bills and other documented damages recognized under Indiana law.

Source:, “Pedestrian critically injured in hit-and-run on city’s NW side“, Derrik Thomas and Sarah Swiss, June 16, 2015