Small vehicles, such as motorcycles, can be difficult for other travelers to see. As a result, numerous motorcycle accidents happen due to vehicles pulling out in front of motorcyclists. A motorcycle accident can cause severe injuries, and individuals can in turn face financial issues resulting from the damages incurred in the accident. The issues may relate to medical bills or even funeral arrangements if an individual suffered fatal injuries.

Two women in Indiana may soon be facing financial struggles due to medical bills after they were involved in a serious accident. It was reported that both women were on a motorcycle when a minivan making a left turn pulled out in front of them. As a result, the motorcycle collided with the minivan, and the women rolled multiple times across the pavement.

Both women were transported from the scene and are said to be in critical condition. The driver of the minivan remained on the scene and reportedly told officers that she did not see the motorcycle before attempting the turn. It was not mentioned whether any charges may stem from the serious accident.

Because the motorcycle accident led to both individuals suffering critical injuries, it is likely that they will need an extended period of time to recover. As a result, they may face an accumulation of medical bills associated with their treatments. Because medical expenses can become overwhelming, the injured parties may want to look into personal injury claims. Such claims could allow for the motorcyclists to work toward gaining compensation for damages permitted under Indiana law.

Source:, “2 women critically injured in motorcycle accident“, March 17, 2015