Truck Drivers Making Indiana Roads More Dangerous

Remember that line from the old FedEx commercial “when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight” (see video below)? What FedEx and other companies like it did not tell us in that ad was what their drivers have to do to make their deadlines while driving large, heavy vehicles. Of course, a delivery which “absolutely, positively has to be there overnight” can potentially cause a driver to be hurried, rush and preoccupied with his driving and put members of the public at risk.

Factors that can cause truck accidents in Indianapolis:

  • driving too fast in bad weather trying to make a delivery on time;
  • being distracted by a dispatch operator, on-board computers, or electronic handheld devices with delivery information;
  • driving without appropriate rest because a delivery has to be made by a certain time;
  • or driving while being distracted by GPS navigational systems;

Many truck drivers and package delivery companies traveling through Indianapolis, Speedway, Fishers, etc., can be under a intense deadlines which sometimes create dangerous situations.

How We’ve Helped Truck Accident Victims

Our office recently handled a case where a commercial truck driver drove too fast in icy road conditions. He was trying to deliver a product that was two days late. As a result, our client was rear-ended and ran off the road by the truck driver. The shoulder injury which our client sustained was described by his treating doctor as “the worst she had ever seen.”

Another recent case involved a commercial truck driver who drove into our client’s lane of travel, causing significant facial injuries. Investigation revealed that the driver was operating in violation of federal regulations which limit the time a driver may operate his vehicle without rest.

I’ve Been In an Accident. What next?

Rob King & Associates will help you stand up to truck drivers and trucking companies who put your safety at risk. Together, we can make the trucking firm involved in the accident be held accountable for their actions and make the roads safer for everyone.

Trucking cases can be time sensitive. Many trucking companies write over the “black-boxes” that are now in many trucks and which record valuable data that can help prove a truck driver’s negligence. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Our office has extensive experience in assisting victims and families who have been hurt by truck drivers in Indianapolis.  Call us at (317) 916-0000 today for a free case evaluation.

Video: ‘When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight’


Congress attempting to limit your rights to obtain damages for pain and suffering in medical malpractice cases!

Why Does It Matters to You?

Right now, there is a bill being considered in Congress which would cap non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases.  Non-economic damages are compensatory monies that the law allocates for pain and suffering, loss of love and affection, and other things that cannot be easily quantified.

Why should you care?  Because if, unfortunately, you are that victim of medical malpractice in Indianapolis, Indiana, or anywhere in the US, and you face a future of life-long pain, the most that you may be compensated for your life filled with pain is $250,000!!  Talk about unfair!

In addition to this bill being unfair, it is also anti-democratic.

Why does the passage of an anti-democratic bill matter to you:

  • Because anti-democratic efforts make us less free, erode our rights, and take power out of the hands of citizens and residents of our great city of Indianapolis and the entire US.
  • The ability to have a jury of one’s peers evaluate a case in a trial, and determine the proper measure of justice, is enshrined in our federal and state constitutions.

And yet, it seems year after year efforts are undertaken to chip away at our democratic institutions.

What can we do about it?

Contact us (and your Congressman) before it’s too late!

You can count on Rob King & Associates to protect your constitutionally given rights, like the right to have a jury determine the full nature and extent of your damages.