Nursing Home Abuse in Indiana

As the population of elder Americans rises, more and more of our loved ones are being placed in nursing homes these days.  Unfortunately though, nursing homes sometimes don’t provide the quality care that we expect them to and, as a result, our loved ones become subject to neglect, malpractice or, even worse, abuse. But did […]

Have you fallen and injured yourself on someone else’s premises?

Department stores, gas stations, grocery stores and other retailers oftentimes have extensive procedures in place to ensure that the floors and ground that their customers walk on is free from hazards or obstructions that could cause you to fall. But sometimes, those procedures which were created to make ground and floor safe for customers break […]

Improper Disclosure of Health Information

If you have heard of HIPAA, you might be familiar with the federal law requirement that personal health information be protected from public disclosure. And too, you may be familiar with stories in the news about people’s private health information being revealed without their permission. How does personal, private health information get disclosed without the […]