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When we think of personal injuries caused by accidents on the road, it’s natural to envision cars and trucks and motorcycles colliding with one another, leaving various parties injured to various extents. However, accidents involving pedestrians result in some the most horrific injuries we see. Finding the right pedestrian accident lawyer in Indianapolis to protect you or your loved one and get justice may be the most decision you face right now. Pedestrian accidents have continued to rise across the country, with Indianapolis ranking 68th pedestrian deaths. Now that may not seem like a high ranking, but please consider the fact that there are thousands and thousands of cities in the United States. If you or a love one has suffered serious injuries due to the awful negligence of another person, please call Rob King immediately at 317-916-0000 to discuss the details. Trusting Mr. King to fight for you or your loved one’s financial rights during this traumatic time will ensure you receive the much-needed competent, relentless legal representation from the beginning to the end of what will be a horribly stressful process.


Getting Paid After an Accident Injury

We’ve been assisting accident injury victims for over two decades. Needless to say, we believe we know a thing or two about managing injury claims, even complex cases such as pedestrian accidents. While we’ve helped hundreds of accident victims, we seem to always receive very similar questions from clients during our initial intake. Yes, we understand that getting paid after an accident injury is super important, and we will do ALL we can to FIGHT to get you paid quickly. Let’s take a look at what we need to do in order to help you after an accident.

Types of Accident Cases we Represent

Pedestrian accidents, as horrific as they may be, vary in their causes and types. Whether a pedestrian was struck by a moving vehicle due to driver inattentiveness, driver negligence or driver confusion, the results can be catastrophic for the victim and his/her family. Two of the most common pedestrian accidents involve being hit while riding a bicycle and being driven into while jogging, usually leading to serious injuries, and in some cases, life-changing injuries or death. Choosing an experienced personal injury attorney in Indianapolis who has a history of managing pedestrian accident cases can be your best first move right now. These types of pedestrian accident lawsuits can be complex when trying to prove liability, so your attorney’s competence and know-how could not be more paramount.  

Bicycle Accidents

When we’re riding our bicycles, we feel a sense of freeness as we ride through the fresh air. Normally, that’s how a bike ride begins and ends. Unfortunately, in some instances, a tragic outcome results from a careless motor vehicle driver, leaving you or a loved one badly injured. It is crucial to hire an attorney in Indianapolis who is versed in taking the proper steps to increase and maximize your insurance settlement, so as to hold those responsible to the fullest extent of the law. Although your injuries are certainly the focus, and healing from them can be quite emotionally devastating, fighting for justice in the form of a winning financial payout from a greedy insurance company is imperative to ensure some closure for you and your family. Rob King would like the opportunity to be your legal ally during this anxious time.

Hit by a Car While Running or Jogging

It only takes one second in time to devastate your world, which is the case when someone is hit by a car while running, walking or jogging. One second they’re simply enjoying the outdoors, trying to stay healthy, going to and from work or merely taking a stroll, and the next second their life has been altered forever. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries due to being struck by a car or truck while running, walking or jogging, it is of the utmost urgency to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer in Indianapolis who can intelligently inform you of your legal rights and options. These types of lawsuits can be tricky as to proving liability and damages, so retaining knowledgeable legal counsel to guide you through what may very well be the most emotionally challenging and stressful time of your life, all while you’re trying to heal from your physically injuries, should be your next step.


Schedule a Free Injury Consultation

Rob King will fight for your legal and financial rights until he has gotten justice for you and your family, no matter the complexities of your case. Call Rob now at 317-916-0000 to schedule a free injury consultation. His experience will guarantee that you are represented by a pedestrian accident lawyer who has navigated all roads of the Indianapolis legal system, as well as battled against all sizes of insurance companies. In discussing your case, he will share with you his step-by-step plan to maximize your financial settlement and hold the liable party or parties accountable to the fullest extent that the law will allow.

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