$1.1 Million Settlement for Construction Worker Injured in Fall

$750,000 Settlement for Mentally Disabled Woman Abused by Worker at Group Home

$750,000 Settlement for Semi-Truck Accident involving shoulder injury

$750,000 Settlement for Multi-Vehicle Semi-truck accident

$569,000 Settlement for Box Truck Backing Into Woman

$375,000 Settlement for two brothers injured in an accident with State Farm insured

$300,000 Settlement for prison death due to neglect

$300,000 Settlement for Mother of 13-year-old drowning victim

$350,000 Settlement for negligent security resulting in death at a hotel

$250,000 Settlement for jail death due to neglect

$250,000 Settlement for minimal property damage case causing neck injury

$200,000 Settlement (combined) for bodily injury and bad faith against insurance

$200,000 Settlement for Nursing Home Neglect

$200,000 Settlement for car wreck involving Mother and Daughter & $175,000 Settlement for Trip and Fall on Defective Stairwell

$180,000 Verdict for Plaintiff rear-ended suffering soft tissue injuries

$175,000 Settlement for Trip and Fall on Defective Stairwell

$160,000 Settlement for woman injured at an antique warehouse after glass mirror falls on and cuts foot

$150,000 Settlement for Boy whose hand badly mangled in a tug-of-war game

$150,000 Settlement for torn-rotator cuff caused by police brutality

$150,000 Settlement for fall on ice in the parking lot of Department store

$150,000 Settlement for 9-year-old girl sexually assaulted on a school bus

$150,000 Settlement for Single Elderly Woman Killed in Car Accident

$150,000 Settlement for slip and fall at Retailer

$140,000 Settlement for 11-year-old girl struck by Pizza Delivery Driver Using Marijuana

$135,000 for broken ribs caused by negligent semi-driver

$125,000 for elderly woman attacked by St. Bernard

$125,000 Settlement for woman injured from falling off ATV

$120,000 Settlement for Nursing Home Neglect of Alzheimer’s patient

$116,750 Settlement for prison inmate incarcerated 471 days too long

$115,000 for women rear-ended with no property damage

$100,000 Settlement for a prisoner whose lung cancer went undetected due to neglect

$105,000 Settlement for Police Dog Attack

$110,000 Settlement for third-degree burns sustained on construction site

$110,000 Settlement for Legal Malpractice

$100,000 Settlement for a man who sustained soft tissue injuries in an accident involving a semi-truck

$100,000 Settlement for soft tissue injuries suffered in three separate car accident

$100,000 Settlement for negligent security at an apartment complex

$100,000 Settlement for soft-tissue injuries caused by a negligent driver

$100,000 Settlement for painter injured in fall off scaffolding at the home of a Chiropractor

$100,000 Settlement for foreign exchange student hit by a car while walking as a pedestrian

$100,000 Settlement for pedestrian crossing highway

$100,000 Settlement for teenage girl hit with a vehicle by angry “friend”

$100,000 Settlement for Neck Injuries Caused by Car Accident with questionable causation

$97,500 for soft-tissue injuries sustained at Department Store

$87,500 for elderly man attacked by a police dog

$87,500 for work-place bullying

$85,000 Settlement for a mailman who lost the tip of a finger because of a dog bite

$1,000,000 Settlement for wife and mother injured by a semi-truck driver 

$225,000 Underinsured and Bad Faith Settlement for bicyclist suffering a torn rotator cuff

$437,000 Settlement for a farther of four rear-ended by a drunk driver 


Dan Hamberger

I hired Rob King and associates in 2017. This was the best move for my civil suit. The experience Mr. King brought to the table was very beneficial. He has 20 years of experience in personal injury cases etc.
I worked with Mr. King for 2 years he was easy to contact and very concerned with my questions. He got me the most money for my civil tort claim. This is one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with you cant go wrong with this lawyer.

Colleen Morton

Rob King made a very scary situation seem manageable. He helped soothe my anxiety and laid out a clear plan to a favorable resolution. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a compassionate, tenacious and brilliant lawyer.

Henry Moreno

Mr King is down to earth but means business at the same time. A very respected attorney. Moved the court date a week closer to get fast resolution. Still utilizing his services and for see great results. Rob King will remain our lawyer if any future services will be needed. Recommend him to family and friends.

Terry Shaw

Mr. Rob King – Rob King & Associates located downtown Indy. My son was in a horrific accident and we were in need of a good personal injury attorney. Rob was recommended to me by a mutual friend.
I can’t say enough good things about him. Rob kept me informed throughout the entire legal process. His confidence and professionalism is second to none.
If a matter is complex, Rob and his firm are very capable of handling it. Highly recommend.

Mike Allen

Rob has represented me in different matters throughout my personal and professional life, he has treated each as if it was his own. I’m forever grateful for his services and would immediately recommend him to anyone needing legal services.

Kyle Resetarits

Rob King is an honest, hard-working, and compassionate lawyer. His attention to detail far exceeds others. Rob’s associate Dave Thompson is observant, knowledgeable, and diligent. From the moment they took my case, I knew Rob and Dave would be my best advocates. I highly recommend Rob King and Dave Thompson for all personal injury and workers compensation cases. They also offer excellent criminal defense services if that is needed. Rob will make sure you feel comfortable, informed, and protected. He has your best interests at heart. In addition to being excellent attorneys, Rob and Dave are kind, caring, trustworthy people.

Andy Goldman

CALL ROB TODAY! I have been fortunate enough to have Rob King represent me on a couple of occasions. One of the best attorneys around. Period. His experience, knowledge of the law, authentic friendly demeanor and empathy are just a few characteristics that set Rob apart. Also, not sure if I have ever encountered a better listener. Additionally, I have always found him readily accessible. His laser focused attention to your case, makes you feel like yours is the only one he’s working on. CALL ROB TODAY!

Terri Le

I am very happy for both of my Layer Mr. Rob King & specially thanks to Mr. Dave Thompson are kinds, honest truly believe & work through my case, thank you a lot, definitely refers yours to my Clients. Finally wishing you with the way you are treated us will be very successful in the next year and many more years standing strong.
Have a good Thanksgivings & Happy Holidays! Best wishes.

Mary Etame

Rob King is the type of lawyer every client wants, and all other lawyers should strive to be like. He was very quick to respond to my inquiries and provided multiple options of solid advice and counsel. Detailed and professional; he has informed us of any and all changes as they can occur. His knowledge about the law on fraudulent behavior is amazing. My husband and I are beyond grateful. If you want honesty, justice and someone who has ethics and morals. You can’t get better than Rob King and Associates. Thank you for everything.

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