Taking on Complex Injury Cases and Fighting for the Rights of Accident Victims

There are lots of different types of attorneys. Some lawyers focus on contracts or business-related matters. There are law firms that solely handle the representation of those accused of crimes, or families that are going through a divorce. Our law firm helps people who have been injured due to the fault of another person or party. Today, we’re going to discuss a very serious case our law firm represented. We are also going to talk about our ability to take on complex injury cases and how we fight for the rights of accident victims.

Now, when you first begin to search for personal injury lawyers in Indianapolis, you may become overwhelmed. No, not because of your lack of understanding, but more so because injury lawyers can practice multiple verticals. Let’s take a minute to dive deeper.

If you’re visiting our website for the first time, or if you’ve recently viewed other Indianapolis personal injury attorney websites, you probably noticed that we tend to “advertise” that we handle ALL sorts of accident cases. Some of the more common types of accident cases are vehicle-related injuries, people who have slipped and fallen, and those who were injured due to the negligence of a medical professional. While our law firm does handle all of these types of injuries, we believe we stand out because we take on complex cases that other Indianapolis personal injury law firms may turn down.

Today, we’re going to discuss the topic of taking on complex injury cases, how we fight for the financial justice of accident victims, and why Rob King is the “King” of complicated injury representation. Remember, if you’re in a crash, call the KING. That’s Rob King. The “KING” of Indianapolis injury law.

Complex Dog Bite and Animal Attack Claim  

The states of Indiana have some of the strictest rules on pet adoption. In fact, there are certain waivers that an applicant must sign, accepting liability for the pet and for the actions of the animal prior to being able to adopt said pet. The case we’re about to mention made national headlines, and The Indiana Lawyer Magazine even published an article in reference to the matter. Here is a brief breakdown of what transpired, and why other law firms had potential issues with the claim.

A family willingly adopted a dog from a well-known animal shelter/pet adoption agency. Southside Animal Shelter never mentioned any issue, or past negative experience, with the animal to the family adopting the dog. In fact, they had the new owners sign a form stating that Southside had no knowledge of the history of the animal.

The family brought the dog home. Roughly 8 hours later the dog visually attacked their little girl. Latching onto the young child’s face with its jaws. The parents had to remove the dog physically and forcefully from their child in order to save her life. The child’s orbital socket, mouth, nose, and face were brutally damaged and scared.

Now, this is where other law firms may have shied away from the case. And in fact, others did. Because the parents, the new owners of the dog, had signed a waiver they were technically at fault. More so, the waiver removed the liability from Southside.

Here is where Rob King came in, and most importantly, how he used his knowledge and experience to fight for the rights of this young and innocent child.

Going the Extra Mile for Injury Victims and Finding a Way to Obtain Financial Justice

While the parents did willingly sign a liability waiver, Southside failed to disclose pertinent information they knew about the animal. After lots of digging and investigative work by Mr. King and his legal team, it came to light that Southside actually knew that the dog had a long history of violence. In fact, Southside had been informed of the dog’s violent nature by the prior animal shelter where the dog was housed. More so, the prior animal shelter informed and warned Southside that the dog should NOT be around humans due to the violent history of the animal.

Mr. King used this to fight and resurrect a nearly 100-year-old law, all in an effort to obtain financial justice for the child. See, Indiana law seems to suggest that the shelter was no longer an “owner” or “keeper” of the dog, once the new family took ownership of said animal. In addition, the family signed a liability waiver essentially releasing Southside of any responsibility. However, because Southside hid information, and did not disclose the violent history of the animal, Rob King & Associates was able to get this claim and case heard.

This landmark case has drawn attention from other lawyers, in other states, now trying to utilize the hard and innovative work of Mr. King. See, for Rob, helping injury victims is personal. He and his team of Indianapolis personal injury lawyers go the extra mile for injury victims. They do all they can to find a way to obtain financial justice for their clients.

Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney Rob King

If you, or a loved one, have been seriously injured you may need financial assistance. In addition, you may be facing lots of expenses such as medical bills, auto repair costs, and if you’re too hurt to work you could have trouble with your mortgage and supporting your family. That’s where we come in. Our team of Indianapolis accident injury lawyers know how to fight for you and your family.

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