Chain Reaction Auto Accidents

Chain reaction auto accidents can get complicated in terms of proving fault, and also, with obtaining financial compensation. A chain-reaction crash involves multiple vehicles, where a driver from behind pushes other vehicles in front of them into additional vehicles or objects. In these types of accidents, proving whos at fault for which “crash” can get tricky.

Simply put, if someone from behind hits you, it’s usually their fault. But, even if they push you into another vehicle, YOU could be held liable for that crash. Ready to talk to an Indianapolis car accident attorney? Keep reading, we’re here to help. 

Our Three-Step Car Crash Consultation Process

Look, we know there are lots of car accident attorneys in Indianapolis. Yes, we also know that most, if not all lawyers, claim to be the best or advertise in some fashion that they stand head and shoulders above the rest. However, let’s make something very clear, there is truthfully no such thing as the best Indianapolis car crash lawyer.

If you’ve been injured in a wreck, and you really want to seek financial justice, retaining an injury attorney may be your best bet. However, finding the RIGHT attorney might be even more important than trying to find the BEST attorney. At our law firm, we try to make things as simple as possible. That’s why we’ve built an easy 3 step process to how we handle auto accident injury claims. Keep reading, or call us now at (317) 916-0000 to schedule a FREE consultation with Indianapolis injury lawyer Rob King.

Step One – The Phone Call After The Crash

First things first, we would LOVE the opportunity to help you file and fight your injury claim. However, we cannot do that unless you contact us. Over our two-plus decades we’ve been told time and time again that our communication and availability to our clients is second to none. That’s because we ALWAYS make a point to answer the phone and reply to contact forms online.

Our website is fully interactive. You can touch any phone number while using your mobile device to call us right away. We also have a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week LIVE chat installed on our site. That means you can get a hold of a REAL person any time of the day or night. Step one is contacting us. So, if you’re looking to discuss a potential claim with an Indianapolis car accident lawyer, call us NOW at (317) 916-0000.

Step Two – The Free Consultation

At Rob King Law we know that accident victims have lots of questions and lots of concerns. That’s why we provide a FREE, no-obligation consultation to ALL injury clients we believe we can potentially help. During your initial call, our law firm will ask you some basic questions, to make sure that we have a potential ability to assist you. Then, when you meet with our Indianapolis car accident attorneys, they will go into more in-depth questions. This gives our law firm the ability to gather as much information so that we can best assist you with your injury claim.

Finally, and most importantly, our injury attorneys will turn the floor over to you. This gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you have. From wanting to know more about the injury legal process to finding out how much a claim is potentially worth, we NEVER rush a client. You can take as long as you like asking our car crash lawyers questions.

Step Three – Analyzing Your Case

Once we’ve gathered enough information from you we will begin to analyze your case. Our injury attorneys will work to see if there is a potential claim. Upon completion of our review, which again we do 100% for free, we will contact you to discuss our findings. If we determine that you have a potential claim, our injury attorneys will go over your options and if you choose to retain our firm, we will represent your claim and fight to get you paid. Remember, we do not charge you ANY MONEY up front. We work for FREE until you get paid and we DO NOT get paid a penny until you get paid. Needless to say, we’re vested in the success of your claim. 


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