Some families are likely all too familiar with the pain that can come with losing a loved one in a fatal car crash. The loss of any family member is bad enough, but to lose a young person can sting even more, knowing that person barely got a chance at life before it was cut short by one of Indiana’s far-too-plentiful car accidents. The survival of a recent crash victim is being called a “miracle,” after the young girl lost both her grandparents in the same incident.

The crash happened on a recent afternoon on an Interstate near Indianapolis in traffic that was stop-and-go due to construction. The girl and her grandparents were coming back from a vacation and in the area to meet other relatives. A semi-truck rear-ended the family’s SUV and pushed them into other vehicles. The grandparents died on the scene, and the girl was badly injured and had to be taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police speculate that the driver of the semi-truck might have been driving for an extended period of time without a break. No one else was injured, but traffic was stopped for three hours while first responders tended to the scene. At this time, no charges have been filed, nor has any intention to press charges been disclosed.

The sadness the family likely feels from losing their two loved ones is hopefully helped by the fact that the young girl lived. The family may decide to file civil claims against the truck driver and his employer on behalf of all of the victims. If such a claim were successful, it could result in monetary restitution that could be used to cover any damages related to the crash in Indiana. Car accidents like these will happen despite the best efforts of all involved, but there are ways for the surviving family to cope and find healing.

Source:, “‘Miracle’ girl survives crash that killed New Brighton grandparents“, Paul Walsh, June 23, 2014