Single-car accidents can often be just as tragic as accidents involving multiple vehicles. These car accidents can result from any number of factors, and in some cases, drivers and/or passengers could suffer fatal injuries. If a driver is killed in an accident and a passenger is seriously injured, the injured party may still be able to file a legal claim against the driver’s estate in order to seek reparations for resulting damages.

One individual in Indiana mye take such steps after being involved in a crash. It was reported that a vehicle containing two occupants went off the roadway, causing the driver to lose control. As a result, the car crashed, and the driver was ejected from the vehicle. It was noted that the passenger was also found near the vehicle, but it was not specifically mentioned whether he was also ejected.

The situation resulted in the driver suffering fatal injuries due to blunt-force trauma. That individual was reported as being 18 years old. The 19-year-old passenger was reported as being in serious condition due to the injuries he suffered in the crash. It was not mentioned whether speed, alcohol or other factors played a role in the accident.

Though the driver involved in this accident was killed in the crash, the surviving individual may still have legal options available. If he wishes to seek compensation for medical bills and other damages resulting from the crash, he may wish to consider filing a personal injury claim against the estate of the driver considered at fault. Car accidents in which the driver dies are not uncommon, and interested Indiana residents may find additional information helpful.

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