construction accidents


Due to the nature of a construction site and the construction industry in general, individuals employed in construction find themselves confronted with dangerous, life-threatening work conditions on a daily basis. Serious accidents and injuries resulting in personal injury and wrongful death occur with alarming frequency at construction sites throughout the country. If you were injured in a construction accident, a construction accident lawyer at Rob King & Associates, Trial Lawyers, can help you file a claim and secure the compensation you deserve.


Many states have workers’ compensation laws that severely limit recovery for a construction site accident. In addition, state laws that limit an employee’s ability to sue an employer also generally limit the amount of recoverable compensation for pain and suffering. There may be limits or statutes of limitation on collecting benefits despite indefinite injury. Sometimes, the only way to receive full compensation is to bring suit against a third party, other than the employer, that also bore responsibility for unsafe conditions. Your construction accident lawyer in Indianapolis will guide you through this process.


Knowledge of federal and state regulations governing the construction industry is crucial to developing strategies in lawsuits against general contractors and subcontractors. Such strategies allow for legal action even though construction laws appear to prevent recovery. At Rob King & Associates, Trial Lawyers, we also have experience in construction site inspection and are able to identify critical witnesses and preserve important evidence.

A myriad of laws exist that may impact your ability to recover from a construction accident. Your construction accident lawyer can help “level the playing field.” Rob King & Associates, Trial Lawyers, will provide you with information regarding the practical and legal aspects of personal injury law and construction site claims, as well as with effective representation. For a free consultation, contact us at 317-916-0000