One issue that oftentimes affects injured people is how to handle medical bills which come in and need payment before their personal injury case settles

One solution is to avail the injured person of something called medical payments coverage. Frequently, premises owners have medical payments coverage which available to pay medical bills of a person injured on the subject property. Thankfully too, medical payments coverage is available regardless of who is at fault for an injury. Thus, even if a premises owner, like a supermarket, denies being responsible for an injury, that supermarket may still have insurance coverage available to pay medical expenses. In addition, that coverage is available in the short term.

Many auto policies also contain medical payments coverage which is available to a injured claimant regardless of fault for an accident.

In the absence of medical payments coverage, my office will write “letters of protection” on behalf of our clients which advise bothersome medical bill collectors that they will be paid when the client’s case resolves. When we write letters of protection on behalf of our injured clients, we tell the medical bill collector that the “protection” is conditional upon the cessation of harassing and demeaning medical debt collection phone calls.

If you are an injured person and are tired of medical bill collectors constantly harassing you asking you for money, call our office today at (317) 916-0000! We can provide guidance and help in the short term and long term to help you deal with this frustrating problem!