Being intoxicated can lead individuals to make poor decisions. In some cases, those decisions could include driving under the influence, which could result in a drunk driving accident. If a person is injured or killed due to the actions of an intoxicated driver, the victim or the victim’s family may have reason to file a legal claim for damages resulting from the event.

An accident in Indiana is believed to have resulted due to a driver being under the influence. It was reported that a man was driving an SUV when the vehicle left the roadway and crashed through the front of a building. The crash led to a woman being trapped under the SUV for approximately 40 minutes as emergency crews worked to free her.

The woman was seriously injured and had to be transported from the scene by helicopter. The driver of the SUV was not injured, and no one else inside the building suffered injuries. Authorities believed that the driver of the vehicle was under the influence at the time of the accident, and a breath test indicated a blood-alcohol level almost twice the legal limit. The driver was taken into custody.

It is a regrettable situation when anyone is injured in an accident. A drunk driving accident can be even more difficult to accept as it may have been avoided if the driver had not gotten behind the wheel. Because the woman was seriously injured in the event, she may wish to consider filing a personal injury claim against the driver considered responsible in order to seek reparations for damages permitted under Indiana law.

Source:, “Alleged drunk driver arrested after woman airlifted following crash“, Rob Earnshaw, March 6, 2015