One of the most severe injuries a person can suffer is one that involves the brain. The effects can be long-lasting and varied. The cause is sometimes attributable to another person, as is often the case with a brain injury after a car accident. Indiana families with loved ones who suffer brain injuries may wish to pursue civil litigation against any parties deemed responsible for the injury. At Rob King and Associates Trial Lawyers, we are well-versed in exactly what injuries to the brain can mean for the victim and his or her family, and we know how to manage these important cases.

A traumatic brain injury is one of the main types of injury to the head. It happens when the brain hits the skull, causing bruising or bleeding, after experiencing forceful motion or being struck. In some instances, bleeding may cause undue pressure on the skull, which has the potential to damage the brain. This type of injury can be caused by whiplash, a fall or any motion that results in acceleration and deceleration so rapid that the brain is affected. The other way it might be caused is if the head forcefully hits another object, which frequently occurs during motor vehicle accidents.

Injuries to the brain can cause a variety of symptoms. Some signs are physical, such as fatigue or headache, while others are cognitive, including memory loss or difficulty speaking. Behavioral problems such as mood swings or having no inhibitions may also indicate brain trauma. Our team here at Rob King and Associates Trial Lawyers have worked with many of these types of cases and have experience in proving impact in a brain injury case.

Some Indiana families may still have questions, and our brain injury page may prove to be a helpful resource to them. Those who have been affected by any brain injury — whether it is their own or someone they care for — may wish to file a personal injury claim in order to pursue monetary restitution. At Rob King and Associates Trial Lawyers, we work to help our clients fight for the full amount of damages to which they may be entitled.

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