Young people, with their entire lives ahead of them, may not think of the possible consequences for their actions. Sometimes, they might make a decision that they do not realize could affect the rest of their lives. An Indiana organization recently sought to show students exactly what could happen if they are involved in a drunk driving accident or other types of collisions. The lessons they learned, officials hope, will be carried with them long after they are out of high school.

Indiana Students Against Destructive Decisions set up several simulations at a local high school and put students there to the test. An obstacle course was available where students could drive a golf cart wearing goggles to impede their vision in the same manner that could happen if they had consumed alcohol. Students reported that, had it been a real-life situation, they realized that they could have hurt not only themselves, but other people as well.

Other simulations gave teens an idea of the importance of wearing seat belts at all times. Indiana SADD says that car accidents are the primary reason for death of young people aged 15 to 20. They want programs like these to teach students how crucial the decisions they make behind the wheel really are. They believe that lives can be saved by showing teens what the consequences of their actions could look like, instead of simply telling them.

Fatal crashes involving young people are tragic, no matter why they occur. However, if they are the result of a drunk driving accident, it can seem even more upsetting, knowing that the incident may have been prevented. If any Indiana residents are hurt or have loved ones die in a crash involving an intoxicated driver, they may elect to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the person deemed to have been responsible. A successfully presented claim could mean financial restitution for the victims or their families.

Source:, “[] Morton High students get hands-on lesson about safe driving“, Rob Earnshaw, May 22, 2014