school injuries


When you send your child to school, you expect him or her to be kept safe and out of harm’s way. That is not always the case. If your child has been injured due to a hazard on school grounds or at the hands of another student or teacher, you should take immediate action. The Indianapolis lawyers at Rob King & Associates, Trial Lawyers, work hard to protect school injury victims and can help you pursue a claim on behalf of your child.


School officials have a duty to ensure the safety of every child that attends school. They need to protect students both from injuries from unsafe premises and injuries caused by other students or faculty.

  • Hazardous school grounds: School authorities have a duty to make sure that school premises are safe and hazard-free. Students often run around the playground during recess and are constantly going up and down stairs to get to their classrooms. School officials should get broken or unsafe structures repaired once they are aware of the hazard. They should make sure that hazards such as waxed floors or broken glass are marked and blocked off until fixed. Adequate supervision should be provided during lunch, recess and after-school activities. Lack of safety measures could result in serious injuries to a student.
  • Harm inflicted by students, teacher and faculty: Adequate supervision is also necessary to protect children from abuse by others. Children may get into a scuffle and get injured from the fighting. Children may be harmed from harassment or bullying from other students. Students may be the victim of teacher sexual abuse or coach abuse during extracurricular activities on school grounds. Negligent supervision and safety may also lead to abuse from strangers who enter school premises.

If your child has been injured as a result of negligent actions of school officials, you may have a personal injury claim against the school, the school board or the district. Rob King and his team understand the process involved in filing a lawsuit for injuries to children on school grounds. Schedule an appointment at our firm today.


At our firm, we protect the rights of child victims of sexual assault and school injuries. Because of our experience, we have developed an understanding of the emotional and physical trauma your child may have gone through and we will do what it takes to hold negligent parties accountable for the suffering he or she has endured.

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