spinal cord injury


Spinal cord injury is the most serious type of back or neck injury. A spinal cord injury of any severity often results in the loss of muscular control and feeling or sensation, either temporarily or permanently. Car accidents, falls, disease and gunshots are some common causes of spinal cord injury. Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause. Two main factors determine the severity of a spinal cord injury:

  • The injury type and extent of bodily damage
  • The location of the injury on the spinal cord


Light spinal cord injuries may disappear in several days. Spinal cord bruises can be more serious and may take longer for recovery. The greatest damage comes from spinal cord tears and “transection,” which is a complete severing of the cord. At this time, medical science does not have the ability to regenerate torn or severed spinal cords, which makes this type of injury permanent.


In severe injury, such as a tear or transaction, the area below the spinal cord injury location is paralyzed. Paraplegia is the name for injuries resulting in paralysis from the waist down. Quadriplegia describes complete paralysis from the neck down. Parasthesis is weakness in the arms and legs that results from a spinal cord injury.

Extensive medical assistance, intervention, physical therapy and life-long care for someone disabled from a spinal cord injury create huge expenses. A personal injury claim should be pursued if the spinal cord injury resulted through the fault of another party. In this case, it is crucial to hire a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Necessary measures must be taken to ensure evidence is preserved and to enable physicians or other expert witnesses to thoroughly evaluate all records and injuries. There are also statutes of limitation on filing personal injury claims. Being awarded compensation after initiating a personal injury case due to a spinal cord injury can help immensely in addressing the costs of caring for someone who is disabled.

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