Oftentimes, potential personal injury victims contact me and ask whether or not they need an attorney. And, my answer is always the same: yes!

The reason is simple: an experienced personal injury lawyer knows the various categories of damages which, under law, and injured person may qualify to receive. Typically, the injured person, unless he or she is an attorney, does not know the categories of damages. Thus, when the injured person attempts to settle his or her own claim with the insurance company, the playing field is not level because the insurance company does know with the categories of damages are, but the injured person typically doesn’t.

Also, a lawyer knows the monetary value of cases, just like the insurance companies do. If you don’t know the value of a gold coin, how can you know what to sell it for? An experienced personal injury lawyer knows the value of a golden coin!

For these reasons, an attorney experienced in personal-injury cases, rather than detracting from the value of the case, because of his attorney fee, can actually enhance or increase the value of the case.

If nothing else, call an experienced personal injury attorney at Rob King and associates trial lawyers in Indianapolis for a free consultation and find out what you may be missing with regards to a free evaluation of your case!