Nursing Home Abuse in Indiana

As the population of elder Americans rises, more and more of our loved ones are being placed in nursing homes these days.  Unfortunately though, nursing homes sometimes don’t provide the quality care that we expect them to and, as a result, our loved ones become subject to neglect, malpractice or, even worse, abuse.

But did you know that there are rules, both state and federal, that govern the way a nursing home must treat its patients?  At Rob King and Associates, Trial Lawyers, we know nursing home rules and regulations and bring that experience to bear when representing clients who have been harmed by nursing home neglect or abuse.   Our knowledge of nursing home rules and regulations has led to our firm obtaining significant financial recoveries on behalf of patients and their families who have been affected by nursing home neglect.

Nursing home cases can include the following: failure to properly monitor a patient who is a fall risk; failure to administer proper nutrition; failure to administer proper medication; failure to properly monitor the interaction between staff and residents; failure to prevent the formation of bed sores and failure to prevent sexual abuse.

In one of our cases, which our firm took all the way to the Indiana Supreme Court and one, we fought for a family that believed they had been lied to about the cause of their mother’s death in a nursing home.  Evidence had been assembled that the family’s mother had actually been attacked by another resident.  But the nursing home said that she just fallen.  The family’s mother died of her injuries.  Our firm battled the nursing home all the way to the Indiana Supreme Court and won, eventually resulting in a favorable settlement for the family.

If you would like the same aggressive p pursuit of justice brought to bear on your nursing home case, call or email our firm today for a free consultation.  If we take your case, we only take a fee if we win the case.

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The Value of an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Oftentimes, potential personal injury victims contact me and ask whether or not they need an attorney. And, my answer is always the same: yes!

The reason is simple: an experienced personal injury lawyer knows the various categories of damages which, under law, and injured person may qualify to receive. Typically, the injured person, unless he or she is an attorney, does not know the categories of damages. Thus, when the injured person attempts to settle his or her own claim with the insurance company, the playing field is not level because the insurance company does know with the categories of damages are, but the injured person typically doesn’t.

Also, a lawyer knows the monetary value of cases, just like the insurance companies do. If you don’t know the value of a gold coin, how can you know what to sell it for? An experienced personal injury lawyer knows the value of a golden coin!

For these reasons, an attorney experienced in personal-injury cases, rather than detracting from the value of the case, because of his attorney fee, can actually enhance or increase the value of the case.

If nothing else, call an experienced personal injury attorney at Rob King and associates trial lawyers in Indianapolis for a free consultation and find out what you may be missing with regards to a free evaluation of your case!